Wasteland Futurism edition

2 January 2023 | by Jouke Halma

Photograpy Frits Kok
Photograpy Frits Kok

We've teamed up with photographer Frits Kok and stylist/designer Pythia Tarenskeen for the creation of the Futurism Edition poster for Wasteland. In collaboration with Pythia we created and mastered the pattern for the white latex body, with shoulder pads towering at least 17 cm tall. Overcoming the intricate patterns was no small feat, but we're thrilled with the final result.

To infuse an extra dose of futurism, we've incorporated the extraordinary shoes of the late Peter Popps, whose designs adorned icons like Lady Gaga, adding an unexpected futuristic touch to the image.

This collaboration serves as a tribute to Peter Popps' pioneering contributions to fashion and design. Together with Frits Kok's captivating photography and Pythia's visionary creativity, we've crafted an image that promises to ignite imagination and captivate the senses.

Stay tuned for more updates and exclusive insights into our creative journey.

Photography & Artwork: Fritz Kok | Styling & Design: Pythia Tarenskeen | Creative Direction & Graphic Design: Isabelle Hörl | Hair make-up: Yvonne Nusdorfer | Models: Manny Willie & Laura Jones | Casting Creative Conny Janssen | Latex designs: HERR Amsterdam | Shoes & neckpiece: Peter Popps | Party: Wasteland

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