HERR Jouke Halma showing a green rubber jockstrap in his workshop

An outspoken fetish brand and rubber tailor based in Amsterdam. HERR will make you feel sexy and confident with our designs on your skin.

From the dictionary


(~’m; plural: -en; 2nd, 3rd, 4th case singular -n)

German title of respect and term of address for a superior

Herr translates into dominant male titles known in BDSM terminology:

  1. Master, Mister, Owner: Sehr geehrte Herr - Gentlemen
  2. Sir: Herr Ober - waiter
  3. Boss (of a dog)
  4. (religion) Lord, Lords: (jocular) er ist ein Zyniker vor dem Herrn; He is an incorrigible cynic

your fetish tailor


HERR is a brand founded in 2020 that brings together a passion for fetish, fashion, and tailoring. Our founder, Jouke Halma, studied Bespoke Tailoring and Fashion Design at AMFI, bringing a unique perspective to the world of fetish wear with an understanding of fit and construction.

Each piece is crafted in our Amsterdam-based studio, utilizing innovative techniques like digital pattern drafting and laser cutting to ensure exceptional quality, accuracy, and uniformity.

Our small but carefully curated collection offers the essential basics for your fetish wardrobe, and we also offer a bespoke tailoring service to bring your individual visions to life. At HERR, our aim is to create gear and accessories that not only captivate visually, but also empower individuals to express their individuality and embrace their unique fetishes.

Our work has received recognition and been featured in prestigious exhibitions and magazines, including the exhibition Maison Amsterdam, Numeró magazine, and showcased at Darklands in Antwerp and incorporated into the stunning artwork of Wasteland.

For a truly bespoke experience, let HERR tailor an outfit that reflects your individuality and desires. Browse our collection to uncover the power of a brand founded on a passion for fetish, fashion, and tailoring.

At HERR, we hope our clothing will inspire you to embrace your desires and boundaries, and help you look and feel your best. Thank you for choosing HERR as your Fetish Tailor.

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