Wasteland Poster: Erwin Olaf x HERR Collaboration

7 August 2022 | by Jouke Halma

Photography Erwin Olaf
Photography Erwin Olaf

Explore our collaborative journey crafting unique pieces for the Ancient Empire Edition poster with iconic photographer Erwin Olaf

Crafting Fetish Art: Collaborating with Erwin Olaf and Pythia Tarenskeen for Wasteland Amsterdam

We're thrilled to share our latest project: collaborating with photographer Erwin Olaf and stylist/designer Pythia Tarenskeen for the creation of the Ancient Empire Edition poster for Wasteland. This partnership brought together our passion for fetish fashion, Erwin Olaf's visionary photography, and Pythia's styling and design expertise, resulting in a stunning blend of art and design.

Stay tuned for more updates and behind-the-scenes insights into our creative process.

Photography: Erwin Olaf | Styling & Design: Pythia Tarenskeen | Creative Direction & Graphics: Isabelle Hörl | Production: Conny Janssen Productions | Hair & Make-up: Ed Tijsen | Models: Lucid Belle, Mark Jong a Pin, Robin Hagens | Post Production: Eclipse Retouch | Thanks: Mr Riegillio, Easy Toys, Rachel Freire

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