Interview with Het Parool

22 August 2022 | by Jouke Halma

Latex mode catwalk clubwear Parool Photography Daphne Lucker
Photography Daphne Lucker

Discover the evolution of fetish wear in Amsterdam's nightlife through owner Jouke's interview with Het Parool.

"Fetish Wear makes its way into Nightlife"

That 'fetish wear' – clothing inspired by BDSM – no longer has solely a sexual connotation, these designers knew for a long time. But now, the Amsterdam nightlife is also beginning to embrace the trend. Going to the club in harness, that's just normal! 'Today's youth are more focused on self-expression, discovering who you are. Many young people dare to do what I didn't dare to do at that age.

"A second coming out? When I told my mother about the brand I wanted to start, it felt like that. Fortunately, she reacted very relaxed when I said that I also wore such things myself." - Jouke Halma

This quote from Jouke Halma underscores the evolution of fetish wear from a niche to a more widely accepted fashion trend. Learn more about how designers like Halma embrace this trend in the article by Tim van Erp on Het Parool's website. Read the full article on Het Parool

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