Numeró Netherlands #5

17 May 2024 | by Jouke Halma

Magazine cover Numéro Netherlands featured HERR Amsterdam latex clothing pieces
Photography: Filip Koludrovic

HERR featured in NUMÉRO Netherlands Issue 5


HERR has been featured in the fifth issue of NUMÉRO NETHERLANDS.

A huge thank you to the stylists and creative team for showcasing our rubber pieces. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our designs with a wider audience.

If you haven’t seen the fifth issue of NUMÉRO NETHERLANDS yet, be sure to grab a copy. The digital version is available here.

Models wearing transparant rubber shirts Photography Filip Koludrovic
Photography: Filip Koludrovic
Rupaul drag queen ChelseaBoy wearing rubber latex outfit
Photography: Filip Koludrovic

Photography: Filip Koludrovic | Styling: Gino Gurrieri | Hair en make-up: Wout Philippo | Fashion Assistance: Magdalena Roe, Max Heuvelman, Lisa Brammer, Michael Geertzen | Hair and make-up Assistance: Magdalena Slazak, Leanne van Niekerk | Models: ChelseaBoy, Roemer, Christian, Demi, Elle, Wiwek

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