Studio Shadows

4 March 2024 | by Jouke Halma

Photography Faiz Buhta @ Studio Erwin Olaf
Photography Faiz Buhta @ Studio Erwin Olaf

Check out our editorial schoot with photographer Faiz Buhta. Model Boris and stylist Pythia Tarenskeen


Long black rubber coat styled with some black boots latex harnesses
Smoky black translucent rubber tanktop styled with high waisted rubber shorts
Latex corset amsterdam for men waist trainer
Rubber puppy mask k9 dog hood green perfect for your furrsuit poodling furry

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Photography Faiz Buhta / Instagram: @buhta_faiz | Model Boris Schreurs / Instagram: @borisschreurs | Styling Pythia Tarenskeen / Instagram: @pythiachiara | Assistant Styling Sammy Lou | Special thanks to Vera Posthumus HERR your rubber tailor based in Amsterdam.

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