Craftsmanship Spotlight: ChelseaBoy x HERR

28 March 2024 | by Jouke

Photography Rob Jacobs
Photography Rob Jacobs

Where creativity meets precision – explore our collaboration with ChelseaBoy

Exploring Artistry and Precision in Drag Fashion

For the first episode of the new season of Make Up Your Mind, we were approached by the always artistic ChelseaBoy to create some pieces for the clown-inspired look. We went big with a one-meter-tall white pointed hat and red hood. However, the real showstopper of the look was the leggings, featuring one leg in red and the other in a black-and-white checkered pattern. This leggings creation was a true challenge, consisting of no less than 65 separate pattern pieces.

It was another enjoyable and challenging collaboration with ChelseaBoy. This time, we were challenged in terms of pattern technique to push our boundaries and showcase our craftsmanship. Once again, it was an honor to create something beautiful.

How to make rubber clothes
Latex patterns  black white HERR Amsterdam workshop
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